During the evening, eight members of former National Championship teams were also honored. These players include:

(1) John Walsh, Brooklyn Mariners cornerback/safety/ kick returner. John played for the Mariners in 1990
and again from 1992 to 2007. He had 55 interceptions, 4 in one game, and returned punt & kickoff returns, resulting
in many touchdowns.

(2) Brian McGee, Brooklyn Mariners running back. Brian played for the Mariners from 1991 to 2013. He had 165 touchdowns during his long and wonderful career as a Mariner. He played on all four of the Mariners National Championships.

(3) Mickey Walsh, Brooklyn Mariners running back. Mickey played for the Mariners from 1959 to 1973. During his
career, he scored 198 touchdowns and he played on 9 Mariner Championship teams.

(4) Mike Goodwin, Brooklyn Mariners center. Mike played with the Mariners from 1968 to 1982. He played on 6 Mariner Championship Teams as an offensive lineman. He was a Sergeant in the New York Police Department.

(5) Joe Gagliardi quarterback. Joe played with the Mariners from 1969 to 1978 and again in 1983. He was the man in
the Mariners great comeback game in Boonton, New Jersey in 1972. Trailing 26-0, with less than 7 minutes to play,
Joe engineered 4 touchdowns to win the Championship. He was on 4 Championship Teams.

(6) Paul Carbonaro Linebacker. Paul played and coached with the Mariners from 1968 to 1992. During that time, the Mariners won 8 Championships and 1 National Championship. Everyone considered him one of the classiest individuals you’d ever want to meet. He passed away and is greatly missed by everyone.

(7) Bill Ahern Linebacker. Bill played for the Mariners from 1969 to 1981. Bill Captained 4 Mariner Championship Teams. He is a graduate of King’s Point Merchant Marine Academy. He is a retired Lieutenant of the Fire Department of New York.

(8) Jerome Resker cornerback. Jerome played for the Mariners from 1987 to 1995. He was one of the best one-on-one Cornerbacks in the history of semi pro football. He is well known for his 100 career interceptions, one of which occurred in the waning minutes of the National Championship Game in 1991. These eight players were also inducted into the Semi-pro Football Hall of Fame in December at an annual event held in Las Vegas.

The 2014 team had a record of 9W-4L and lost their final game of the season in the AFC conference championship by one touchdown to the eventual MLF League champion. The Mariners were 15 yards away from tying up that game when time expired in the fourth quarter. They have improved tremendously from several years ago when the Mariners actually had trouble fielding a team. The players who were recognized at the awards gala include:

Justin Graham MLB,

Terrance Turner OL,

Mike Thompson RB,

Mike Potter LB #58;

Offensive Rookie of the Year Michael O’Shea #67;

Defensive Rookie of the Year Patrick Nilsen #47;

Defensive MVP Jimmy Schmidt;

Offensive MVP Jeff Legree;

Overall Team MVP Joseph Stagliano #20

On February 15, 2015, the Brooklyn Mariners held their awards dinner at
Clemente’s Crab House in Brooklyn. A video of the evening was taken and
can be seen our  VIDEOS page.

The Brooklyn Mariners held their annual awards gala recently and honored both the current team who reached the AFC Conference Championship in
2014 and many members of the older National Championship teams who were inducted into the Semi-pro Hall of Fame in December 2014. In addition,
the rivalry between the Mariners and the FDNY football team is being reignited this Spring and will occur on Saturday, April 4th at the Aviator Sports Complex with kick-off at 1 pm.

Founded by Pudgie Walsh

Brooklyn Mariners FOOTBALL - AWARDS GALA

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This article was originally published in The Rockaway Point News, 3/27/2014.

The 2015 season is being held in honor of Catherine Walsh who passed away in January. She was known as  "Mrs. Mariner” and was a huge fan of Coach Pudgie Walsh & the Brooklyn Mariners. She was also a key financial benefactor for the team over the years and leaves behind a beautiful family, she will be sorely missed. A wonderful tribute video can be here: CATHERINE WALSH

The first game of the 2015 season will be a non-conference game against the FDNY Football team. For those who do not know the background here, the FDNY football team was started by Pudgie Walsh about 35 years ago and this meeting of the Mariners and FDNY is approximately the 20th time they have played one another. The Mariners are also the only team in semi-pro football history to have amassed over 600 wins, and Pudgie has been their coach since their founding in 1957. The game looks to be a classic, so come and join the fans for an exciting game on Saturday, April 4th, 1 pm kickoff.